Intercultural Learning in Language Education and Beyond: Evolving Concepts, Perspectives and Practices







This book provides a contemporary and critical examination of the theoretical and pedagogical impact of Michael Byram's pioneering work on intercultural communicative competence and intercultural citizenship within the field of language education and beyond. The chapters address important theoretical and empirical work on the teaching, learning, and assessment of intercultural learning, and highlight how individual language educators and communities of practice enact intercultural learning in locally appropriate ways. The book offers comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible knowledge for researchers, teachers, teacher-trainers and students.

Tables and Figures
External Reviewers

Mike Fleming: Foreword

Irina Golubeva, Manuela Wagner and Troy McConachy: Introduction: Michael Byram's Contribution to Intercultural Learning in Language Education and Beyond 

Michael Byram: A Biographical Sketch

Part 1: Evolving Conceptual Foundations

Chapter 1. Karen Risager: Intercultural Communicative Competence: Transnational and Decolonial Developments

Chapter 2. Troy McConachy: Language Awareness and Intercultural Communicative Competence: Revisiting the Relationship

Chapter 3. Anthony J. Liddicoat: Intercultural Mediation in Language Teaching and Learning

Chapter 4. Martyn Barrett and Irina Golubeva: From Intercultural Communicative Competence to Intercultural Citizenship: Preparing Young People for Citizenship in a Culturally Diverse Democratic World

Chapter 5. Paloma Castro, Ulla Lundgren and Jane Woodin: Intercultural Dialogue and Values in Education

Chapter 6. Manuela Guilherme: From Critical Cultural Awareness to Intercultural Responsibility: Language, Culture and Citizenship

Chapter 7. Alison Phipps: Conflict and the Cognitive Empire: Byram's Critical Cultural Awareness

Part 2: Intercultural Development in Diverse Contexts: Perspectives and Practices

Chapter 8. Jane Jackson, Sin Yu Cherry Chan and Tongle Sun: Intercultural Development in the Context of Mobility

Chapter 9. Petra Rauschert and Claudia Mustroph: Intercultural Education through Civic Engagement: Service Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom

Chapter 10. Beatriz Peña Dix: Revisiting Intercultural Communicative Competence in Language Teacher Education: Perspectives from Colombia

Chapter 11. Angela Scarino and Michelle Kohler: Assessing Intercultural Capability: Insights from Processes of Eliciting and Judging Student Learning

Chapter 12. Aleidine J. Moeller: The NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Intercultural Communication: Cultivating Sojourners in the Language Classroom

Chapter 13. Shuoqian Qin and Prue Holmes: Exploring a Pedagogy for Understanding and Developing Chinese EFL Students' Intercultural Communicative Competence

Chapter 14. Rita A. Oleksak and Fabiana Cardetti: Engaging Educators: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Communities of Practice in the USA

Chapter 15. Manuela Wagner and José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia: Developing Intercultural Citizenship and Intellectual Humility in High School German

Chapter 16. Melina Porto and Verónica Di Bin: When the Axiom of Supranational Communication in Intercultural Citizenship Theory is not Met: Enriching Theory and Pedagogy

Chapter 17. Lihong Wang: Towards a Shared Future: Michael Byram's Engagement with the Chinese Academic Community

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Marjukka Grover: Mike Byram and Multilingual Matters: A 40-year Partnership

Joe Sheils: Mike Byram's Commitment to Council of Europe Values

Martyn Barrett: Working with Mike Byram

Prue Holmes: Tribute to Mike Byram


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