Observatorio IA - Learning Letters

The use of AI-powered educational technologies (AI-EdTech) offers a range of advantages to students, instructors, and educational institutions. While much has been achieved, several challenges in managing the data underpinning AI-EdTech are limiting progress in the field. This paper outlines some of these challenges and argues that data management research has the potential to provide solutions that can enable responsible and effective learner-supporting, teacher-supporting, and institution-supporting AI-EdTech. Our hope is to establish a common ground for collaboration and to foster partnerships among educational experts, AI developers and data management researchers in order to respond effectively to the rapidly evolving global educational landscape and drive the development of AI-EdTech.
This article examines the potential impact of large language models (LLMs) on higher education, using the integration of ChatGPT in Australian universities as a case study. Drawing on the experience of the first 100 days of integration, the authors conducted a content analysis of university websites and quotes from spokespeople in the media. Despite the potential benefits of LLMs in transforming teaching and learning, early media coverage has primarily focused on the obstacles to their adoption. The authors argue that the lack of official recommendations for Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation has further impeded progress. Several recommendations for successful AI integration in higher education are proposed to address these challenges. These include developing a clear AI strategy that aligns with institutional goals, investing in infrastructure and staff training, and establishing guidelines for the ethical and transparent use of AI. The importance of involving all stakeholders in the decision-making process to ensure successful adoption is also stressed. This article offers valuable insights for policymakers and university leaders interested in harnessing the potential of AI to improve the quality of education and enhance the student experience.