Observatorio IA - Russell Group

A new set of principles has been created to help universities ensure students and staff are ‘AI literate’ so they can capitalise on the opportunities technological breakthroughs provide for teaching and learning. The statement, published today (4 July) and backed by the 24 Vice Chancellors of the Russell Group, will shape institution and course-level work to support the ethical and responsible use of generative AI, new technology and software like ChatGPT. Developed in partnership with AI and educational experts, the new principles recognise the risks and opportunities of generative AI and commit Russell Group universities to helping staff and students become leaders in an increasingly AI-enabled world. The five principles set out in today’s joint statement are: Universities will support students and staff to become AI-literate. Staff should be equipped to support students to use generative AI tools effectively and appropriately in their learning experience. Universities will adapt teaching and assessment to incorporate the ethical use of generative AI and support equal access. Universities will ensure academic rigour and integrity is upheld. Universities will work collaboratively to share best practice as the technology and its application in education evolves.