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Bracket Predictions

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 26/02/2024

We are less than a week away from March Music Madness 2024. Plenty of time to get in on what will sure to be the highlight of the year for your students. We recently sat down with Claudio Elliot on her podcast Growing with Proficiency to discuss the Music Tournament. One of the key talking points is how we can use music as a way to discuss in the target language, without having to study the lyrics.

Our resource drive is growing and the one thing you won’t want to miss is the Round 1 Matchup Slideshow which has all the links...

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The 11th annual March Music Madness tournament is approaching and teachers are gearing up. Our MMM24 homepage has what you need. Don’t miss what students consistently call their favorite part of the year. Our 2024 bracket features 16 current songs (all from...

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Mad Libs en español

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 14/12/2023

Next week I’ll be using the Spanish Lottery video of Justino with materials from the Comprehensible Classroom. In order to preview the story I used a Mad Libs activity, generated by ChatGPT which I  fined-tuned. Students worked with a partner: they first wrote the words on a list. Then they asked their partner for their words to fill in the text. They then read the completed text to their partner.

Here’s a free copy of the activity.

You can also do it together as a class by taking suggestions from the class and then writing in their answers...

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Independent Spanish Reading

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 06/10/2023

After different variations over the years, [FVR (Free Voluntary Reading], Lectura Libre, SSR (Silent Spanish Reading) among others] I’ve again renamed our reading time in class to ISR: Independent Spanish Reading.
To kick things off this year, we read for several days in a row to give students a chance to finish a book. We had already read 1 book together as a class to start the year (Capibara con Botas) so I started off ISR with the easiest of books that I had in my collection.  When students were finished reading they submitted their name with the book they read and I created posters to hang in the hall with the book cover and the names of the students who read them:


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Movie Talk Notes Activity

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 29/09/2023

After presenting a MovieTalk/Clip chat, what’s your next step? If you use screenshots to present a video (which is usually my preferred way), then you are already halfway there. Organize the important screenshots on a slide and leave room for students to write underneath the picture. I’ve done this before to have students work with partners to re-tell the story, but another option is to have them write the description of the scene or the phrase as part of a note-taking activity. This allows the students to physically write out the main phrases and vocabulary you are targeting.... Leer más

Hispanic Heritage Month

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 14/09/2023

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Some ideas to keep in mind this month:

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Back to School 2023

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 13/08/2023

It’s that time of year again…. summer break is coming to an end for me and I’ll be back in the classroom for year 17 soon. Here’s a few things we’ve been up to over the summer to help make YOUR transition back to the classroom an easier one.


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MMM23 Final 8 songs

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 15/03/2023

If 16 songs and 3 weeks were too much, then maybe the Final 8 songs and a week and a half tournament is just for you. And if the timing is right, it might be a perfect way to cruise into Spring Break.


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MMM Links and Raffle

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 17/02/2023

How close is March 6?  SOON! And so for our 10th year, we are hosting our biggest raffle yet! 



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Before we get to the prizes and how to enter, here are some necessary links:

  • ...
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Playlist and resources for MMM23

Publicado en SpanishPlans el 27/01/2023

Our playlists are out! You can listen to the 16 songs by the 23 artists who have been selected as finalists for the 2023 song of the year in our 10th annual March Música Madness tournament. With over 2 billion streams on Spotify and 1.5 views on YouTube these songs were chosen because:

  • They are current: All songs from the past year only.
  • They are from well-known artists: Famous artists that are famed in the Spanish-speaking world, with one emerging artist.
  • They are popular songs. These songs can be heard on the radio and are listened to by native speakers.
  • They represent a range of diverse artists and a variety of genres.


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