Study on Spanish for the Health Professions

During the 2020 Summit of the National Association of Medical Spanish (NAMS), participants agreed that the rich and varied programs and offerings in medical Spanish (also known as Spanish for the Health Professions and Spanish for Health Care) would benefit from greater visibility and the sharing of best practices.

Purpose of Survey:

  • to document offerings of medical Spanish in U.S. colleges and universities 
  • to highlight the important and often innovative work that is already being carried out
  • to contribute to the developing body of research on best practices and learning goals for both courses and programs in medical Spanish

Who Can Complete the Survey?
Ideally, each instructor teaching courses in medical Spanish. Otherwise, administrators are welcome to complete it. Even if you don’t offer a medical Spanish course, you are encouraged to take the survey, so that we can document your information.

Time to Complete: approximately 15-20 minutes or somewhat longer if more than one program or course.

Click here to take the survey or copy and paste the link into your browser:

Questions? If you have any questions about the survey, wish to withdraw your participation, etc., please contact Principal Investigator Alyssia Miller De Rutté, PhD, at

Thank you very much for participating with us in this effort! We look forward to learning about medical Spanish at your institution. For more information, please visit