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Condiciones económicas 

Please note that this is a general range. We believe in compensating staff members fairly in relation to each other. We take into consideration qualifications, credentials, years of experience, and one's impact on behalf of the organization - internal and external equity is taken seriously. East Harlem Scholars Academies also offers a comprehensive benefits package.

Bachelors: $62,177 - $109,617
Bachelors w/ cert: $62,798 - $110,713
Masters: $68,735 - $119,424
Masters w/ cert: $69,422 - $120,619
PhD: $75,986 - $130,109


As a Spanish teacher with Scholars Academies, you will be student facing the majority of the day. You will work closely with your grade team and the instructional leadership team to internalize, and in some cases develop curriculum; provide high-quality instruction; track and measure student progress; create a positive classroom and school culture, and to engage in reflection and continuous improvement. You will also be asked to act as a class advisor for our community of students, providing mentor and support during their secondary school career. As a team we will work together to prepare students with the skills, strength of character and emotional well-being to excel academically, lead in their communities, and realize their best possible selves.

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What Qualifies You

  • You have expertise teaching Spanish at the Elementary or Middle School levels.
  • You have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.
  • You hold or are in the process of attaining a NYS Certification.
  • You hold yourself to high professional and ethical standards.
  • You have experience with or are excited about researching best practices in anti-racist pedagogy.
  • You enjoy and/or have experience working with diverse populations of students and communities.
  • You believe that every student can and will learn when provided with a quality education.
  • You have demonstrated success in raising the achievement levels of students who historically have not had equitable access to education opportunities.
  • You are willing to be flexible in your role and adapt to school and student needs.
  • You are committed to continuous improvement and learning through professional development.
  • You have a minimum of two-year’s experience in relevant educational positions.

Please note that many do not meet 100% of the desired qualifications. If much of this describes you, we encourage you to still apply. 

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