Professor/Researcher; Associate Professor/Associate Researcher; Lecturer/Assistant Researcher in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures




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BFSU provides competitive salaries.

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The School of Spanish and Portuguese offers two language and literature majors: Spanish and Portuguese, which date back to as early as 1952 and 1961 respectively. As the first institute in China to offer these two majors, the School has nurtured a long list of professionals over the past seven decades, making significant contributions to the political, economic and cultural exchanges between China and Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries. 

The Spanish major of the School was the first in the country to be authorized to award Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees, in 1979 and 1996, respectively. The Portuguese major was also the first of its kind in China to be authorized to award Master’s degrees in 2007. Furthermore, our Spanish program was recognized as a key discipline of Beijing.

The School aims to produce interdisciplinary professionals with moral integrity, academic excellence, a firm command of their chosen languages, and competence in diplomacy, foreign trade, education, culture, technology, journalism, etc. The high expectation on our students is backed by 26 faculty members, including 3 full professors and 9 associate professors, with 4 foreign teachers recruited each year. We also pool wisdom from outside our campus, and regularly invite experts and scholars from home and abroad to give short-term lectures.

The School’s undergraduate programs last for 4 years, and the seniors are encouraged to choose from a number of sub-disciplines to focus on. The academic Master’s program takes 3 years to complete, with research areas ranging from linguistics, literature, translation, to political, economic studies of Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries. The professional-oriented Master’s program takes 2 years, with two sub-disciplines: translation and interpretation. The PhD program typically lasts for 3-4 years, and the candidates can choose between translation and Latin American literature.

Consistently ranked as China’s preeminent hub of teaching and research in relevant fields, the School boasts the Latin American Studies Center, the Spanish Studies Center, the Mexican Studies Center and the Consortium for Cooperation and Exchange of Portuguese and Chinese Cultures and Languages. In 2019, the two majors of the School were both recognized as the National First-Class Major Base. Since 2008, the School has been holding a national Spanish teaching demo and seminar for higher education institutions every two years, and an annual training program for Portuguese major faculties. It has also been hosting the Spanish-Portuguese working group for higher education institutions in Beijing since 2017. Beside, its Portuguese major has cooperated with Portuguese official institutions to conduct Portuguese language proficiency tests since 2018.

The School attaches great importance to deepening collaboration and exchanges with renowned Universities from Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries. To date, it has entered into agreement with 10 Universities in Spain, 2 in Portuguese, 8 in Latin America, as well as with the University of Macau to exchange students and faculties.


Applicants should

  • have passion for higher education and fulfill teachers' duties in accordance with laws.
  • have academic rigor and be good team players. Comply with academic integrity principles, teaching ethics and norms.
  • have research experience and potentials for teaching and academic research.
  • hold PhD degrees in the relevant disciplines from well-known universities, and have outstanding publication records.
  • be in good health to fulfill duties.

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