Lecturer (Teaching and Research) in Modern Languages (Spanish)




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Full time starting salary is normally in the range £41,526 to £49,553. With potential progression once in post to £55,750 a year. Grade 8.

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Job Purpose

To create and disseminate knowledge through initiating and conducting original research, through publication or recognised equivalent forms of dissemination, and through developing and delivering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In addition, to contribute to the Department of Modern Languages and School of Languages, Cultures, Art History & Music, through collaborative activities, administrative roles and external activities, as appropriate.

Contribute to the whole range of research, teaching and administration. 

Research is likely to involve initiating, conducting and disseminating original research.   The research has measurable outcomes and is reflected in a growing national reputation and often an incipient international reputation.

Teaching is likely to include a substantial contribution to: (a) the management,  development (including programme/module review) and  delivery of teaching and  assessment; and (b) enhancement of the student experience or employability.  The role will typically also involve developing and advising others, including: (a) providing expert advice to staff and students, (b) supervising and examining PhD students, and (c) developing and advising others on learning and teaching tasks and methods. 

Management and administration is likely to involve contributions at Departmental and School level, and/or making an important contribution to some managerial/leadership activities (e.g. working groups) within the University. This may include developing and making substantial contributions to knowledge transfer, enterprise, business engagement, public engagement, widening participation, schools outreach,  or similar activities at Department/School level or further within the University.


•    Normally, a higher degree relevant to the research/teaching area (usually PhD) or equivalent qualifications
•    Extensive research/teaching experience and scholarship within subject specialism
•    Proven ability to devise, advise on and manage learning/ research
•    Skills in managing, motivating and mentoring others successfully at all levels
•    Native or near-native competence in Spanish language

•    Experience and achievement reflected in a growing reputation
•    Extensive experience and demonstrated success in planning, undertaking and project managing research to deliver high quality results
•    Extensive experience of applying and/or developing and devising successful models, techniques and methods
•    Experience and achievement  in knowledge transfer, enterprise and similar activity
•    Expertise that aligns with the future direction of the Department
•    Demonstrable capacity to produce excellent publications 

•    Ability to design, deliver, assess and revise teaching programmes
•    Extensive experience and demonstrated success in developing appropriate approaches to learning and teaching, and advising colleagues 
•    Experience and success in knowledge transfer, enterprise and similar activity that enhances the student experience or employability
•    Willingness and ability to collaborate in the planning and delivery of teaching
•    Willingness and ability to undertake language teaching 
•    Teaching specialisms that align with the future direction of the Department
•    An ability to make the subject relevant to the present day and in terms of societal challenges.

Management Administration
•    Ability to contribute to School/Departmental management processes
•    Ability to assess and organise resources effectively
•    Understanding of and ability to contribute to broader management/administration processes
•    Planning and Organising (as appropriate to the specific role and purpose)
•    Plan for and set teaching programme objectives over a number of years 
•    Plan and manage own teaching courses at a range of levels (including design, delivery, assessment) as agreed with the Head of School
•    Plan and execute high quality research 
•    Manage research activities and/or supervise other research staff
•    Organise meetings/conferences/symposia
•    Contribute to the administration/management of research and/or teaching across the Department/School 
•    Lead/manage a team to devise and implement a new and/or revised process (e.g. new programme or a recruitment drive)
•    Decision Making (as appropriate to the specific role and purpose)
•    Develop learning and teaching approaches, including approach to mentoring
•    Develop programme proposals and decide what contributions to make to the design of teaching programmes
•    Develop research ideas
•    Decide how to develop and undertake the research
•    Decide where and when to present research findings and what publications and conferences to target for this purpose (with guidance, if required)
•    Advise, supervise and examine PhD students
•    Develop knowledge in specialist area
•    Contribute to School/Departmental management processes
•    Internal/External Relationships (as appropriate to the specific role and purpose)
•    Contribute to recruitment of students
•    Undertake appropriate external roles in the sector (such as external examining or holding offices in professional organizations)
•    Develop links with external contacts (such as businesses, other educational bodies, public sector organisations, organisations with public engagement opportunities 
•    Provide expert advice internally and externally in specialist area
•    Referee and peer review of articles for peer reviewed academic journals and grant applications by research councils and/or other major funding bodies
•    Maintain contact (including membership of) appropriate professional bodies
•    Liaise with the relevant external research community via seminars and conferences

Cómo solicitar 


For informal enquiries about the post please contact Professor Aengus Ward, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT.
Email: a.m.m.ward@bham.ac.uk (do not submit applications via this email address).

Interviews: Week commencing 12th July 2021.


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