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Salary based on university regulations.


Lecturer PhD degree in humanities in the discipline of linguistics in the field of Spanish (competition no 2 IJO)

• realization of classes in the amount of 360 hours. incl. with items Foreign language classes (Spanish), subjects in the field of specialist translations (Spanish), interpreting with elements of simultaneous interpretation (Spanish),
• own professional development,
• organizational work for the State University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz, including promotional activities at the Institute of Foreign Languages.


The competition may be entered by persons who meet the requirements set out in Art. 113 of the Act of July 20, 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 478 as amended) and meet the following qualification criteria:
1) having a doctor degree in humanities in the discipline of linguistics in the field of Spanish,
2) experience in teaching in higher education,
3) having didactic or research and didactic achievements in the field of linguistics of the Spanish language area,
4) experience in translating Spanish texts,
5) experience in teaching Spanish,
6) experience in organizing conferences, availability,
7) declaration on the basic place of work at the State University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz.

Required languages
Polish: Good
Spanish: Excellent
In the case of a foreign candidate, the knowledge of the Polish language is required to a sufficient degree to conduct didactic classes.

Cómo solicitar 

Candidates joining the competition are required to submit the following documents:
1) job application,
2) declaration on the processing of personal data (Annex 1),
3) personal questionnaire for a person applying for employment (est. 2),
4) curriculum vitae,
5) copies (photocopies) of diplomas confirming education (originals available for inspection before signing the contract),
6) documents confirming professional experience,
7) declaration of compliance with the requirements of Art. 113 of the Act on Higher Education and Science (est. 3),
8) copies of certificates, additional certificates,
9) a declaration that the State University of Applied Sciences in Nowy Sącz will be the primary place of work within the meaning of the Law on higher education and science (est. 4).

Documents should be submitted in person or sent to the University's address:
Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa in Nowy Sącz, ul. Staszica 1, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, General Secretariat, room 01.

The envelope should bear the annotation "Konkurs nr 2 na stanowisko wykładowcy w IJO".

The deadline for submitting documents expires on 01/08/2021 (the date of receipt of the documents at the seat of the University is decisive).

The competition will be adjudicated no later than August 30, 2021. Information about its result, together with the justification, will be made available in the University's Public Information Bulletin and on the website of the Minister of Education and Science.

The selection board reserves the right to conduct an interview with candidates who meet the required eligibility criteria. Applications that do not meet the formal conditions and submitted after the deadline are not considered. The right to conclude a part-time employment contract is reserved, in particular in the absence of the expected recruitment for the academic year 2021/2022. We reserve the right to cancel the competition procedure without giving any reason. The result of the competition is not tantamount to hiring a candidate, but constitutes a recommendation in this respect for the Rector. The final decision on employment is made by the Rector.


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