8th Annual Graduate Student Conference - ¿Dualities?: Multiplicity in the Representation of Identity


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15 al 16/10/2021




The Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Student Association (SPGSA) of the University of Minnesota invites you to submit paper proposals for our 8th annual Calambu Conference, to be held virtually on 15 and 16 October, 2021. The theme of this year's conference is "Dualities", which we define broadly as the condition or state of tw elements that function together in the same medium to create additional meaning Fundamentally, dual compositions are aggregate products that invite scrutiny of thei individual components as well as their resulting whole. And yet, recent scholarship has exposed the limitations of traditional binaries in order to consider how hybrid, liminal, and even paradoxical elements function together to create new meanings and encourage dynamic scholarship. The Conference's goal is to reflect on the complexities of dua frameworks as they appear across various fields of study. The Committee thus invite proposals that engage with dynamic methodologies in order to problematize -and parse- nuanced approaches to critical subjects of dual (or more) nature.

We look to examples like Marcos Zapata's 18th-century painting "La última cena"in which Jesus and the Apostles eat a traditional Peruvian Guinea Pig, visually blendin European and Indigenous traditions. This painting is housed in Cusco's Cathedral, whose combination of Indigenous stone foundations and Baroque European facades embodies what Néstor Garcí­a Canclini has called the "hybridization" of cultural heritage. Duality of identity also extends beyond cultural productions to include considerations of discourse and behavior, as attested by the evolving vocabulary of gender-neutral and identity specific pronouns within Romance languages. 

How are we to understand the relationship between a single entity and the component, diverse, and sometimes even contradictory elements that comprise the relative whole How does this relationship inform our approach to critical artifacts, objects, languag forms, and other mediums of cultural expression? Why is it important to continue to emphasize such hybrid states; more urgently, is it important to do so? The SPGSA invites critical responses to these questions and welcomes proposals from a broad collection of disciplines, including but not limited to Film, Literature, Linguistics, Philology, Queer and Gender Studies, Border Studies, Soundscapes, etc.
Proposals and presentations should be in either Spanish, English, or Portuguese
Submissions should be kept to 250 words and be sent to spptconf@umn.edu before August 15th, 2021