10th CLS International Conference CLaSIC 2024 - Evolving Trends in Foreign Language Education: Past Lessons, Present Reflections, Future Directions


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05 al 07/12/2024



Evolving Trends in Foreign Language Education: Past Lessons, Present Reflections, Future Directions 

Inaugurated in 2004, the biennial CLaSIC has been a platform for academics, researchers, and professionals from Asia and beyond, to showcase their current research and practices in foreign language education and related fields. Anticipating its landmark tenth iteration in 2024, we welcome all proposals of paper and poster presentations to share insights, experiences and perspectives on current and forthcoming developments in language pedagogy and its related disciplines for a more inclusive, effective and innovative Foreign Language Education.
The conference will adopt the following subthemes, but submissions on other topics may also be considered.

  • Technological Paradigms, The Digital Shift, and Mobile Technologies
    Impact of AI, VR, mobile devices, and other emerging technologies on learning and teaching techniques.
  • Innovative Instructional Approaches, Curriculum and Materials Development
    Influence of 21st-century skills on pedagogy, student engagement, and transformative teaching; Community-based, Situated, and Project-Based Learning; Material design aligned with evolving needs of modern language education.
  • Cultural and Language Diversities and Literacies
    Teaching and mastering languages in diverse cultural and linguistic landscapes.
  • Language Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback
    Innovative assessment methodologies, their validity and reliability, and broader implications.
  • Learner Diversity and Challenges in Language Education
    Inclusivity strategies and their transformative potential; Diversity issues and the problems they pose in language instruction.
  • Teacher Education, Professional Development
    Contemporary practices, evolving roles, and responsibilities of modern language educators.
  • Research Methods and Approaches
    Exploring methodologies shaping academic research in language education
  • Emergent Themes in Language Education
    Topics shaped by past experiences, future expectations, and current disruptions in pedagogy.

To submit your proposed abstracts (up to 200 words), please:
1. Sign up on UVENTS as 'non-NUS user' at https://go.clasic.live/signup 
2. Login using your UVENTS credentials at https://go.clasic.live/login
3. Submit the abstract of your presentation at https://go.clasic.live/submit

Note: The entire list of short links can be found on https://go.clasic.live.