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$46,000 -$51,000, 9 month contract.


The instructor of Spanish is primarily responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of class instruction and for providing related services required for optimal student learning and effective educational programming. As a member of the CALA faculty, the instructor is also accountable for assisting and supporting the discipline chair and/or department deans, as needed, in meeting the instructional and curricular requirements of the program, department, and division. 

Required Working Hours
A minimum of a 40-hour work week (including a teaching load of 16-20 contact hours per week) as determined with the supervisor to allow the employee to fulfill the assigned duties and responsibilities, including occasional evening and weekend hours.


A master’s degree in Spanish; or a master’s degree in a related field with at least 18 graduate semester hours in Spanish.
Successful experience teaching 2 years at a university or community college.

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