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Language makes the place

Publicado en Language on the Move el 16/01/2022

Welcome back to another year of research blogging on and about language on the move!

We kick off 2022 with a new episode in our Chats in Linguistic Diversity. In this episode, I speak with Professor Adam Jaworski about his research in language and mobility.

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Language on the Move 2021

Publicado en Language on the Move el 16/12/2021


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At the beginning of this year, Dr Pia Tenedero shared 10 tips to survive your PhD. As the year comes to a close, we hear from her again with reflections on academic publishing from the perspective of an early career researcher from the Global South. Take 8 minutes out of your schedule to listen to her valuable lessons centering on patience, priority, and purpose – caught up in global (knowledge) inequalities but carried forward by the imperative for hope!

As Pia says in the video, academic publishing is an insiders game. Her presentation was part of a workshop to demystify academic publishing for PhD students and early career...

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The Language on the Move Reading Challenge is designed to encourage broad reading in the discipline and beyond, and to make linguistics reading fun. Anyone with an interest in the intersection of linguistic diversity and social life can join. After the ...

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An area under “total lockdown” (Image credit:

Lockdowns everywhere

The lockdown discourse has...

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How to get published?

Publicado en Language on the Move el 11/11/2021

Let’s demystify academic publishing! (Image credit: Green Chameleon via Unsplash)


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