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Teo Zirinis, the creator behind Hands Off My Dinosaur, has an interesting and quirky sense of style. He transformed his passion for common and everyday objects into a rich gallery of punny and imaginative drawings. He writes, “I wonder what it would be like if they had a voice of their own. What would they … Continue reading "If everyday objects could talk, this is what they would say." Leer más
Social distancing is our best bet to combat the pandemic and stop the spread of the virus. And it seems to be working. We’ve seen all sorts of campaigns that promote social distancing, and sometimes they can be very creative. Following this trend, Slovenia-based creative director Jure Tovrljan has redesigned famous brand logos to make … Continue reading "Artist Redesigns Famous Brand Logos To Reflect Social Distancing." Leer más
Whether you own a pet or not, you must have given it many a though before: if animals could speak, what would they say? What if they already speak, but we’re too ignorant to understand their language? These are fairly non-trivial questions that science is still probing into but with no avail. All we can … Continue reading "If Animals Could Speak, Here is What They Would Say." Leer más
One of the coolest aspects of language, any language, is the creativity and productivity of its speakers. Language allows you to express the abundance and infinity of your thoughts with any combination of sounds you want. And if there is no word for something you want to say, you simply create that word on the … Continue reading "30 Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary Immediately." Leer más
Being able to speak multiple languages is priceless. Language is key to understanding another culture, which is like opening up and discovering a whole new world. It enables you to converse with a whole another group of people, understand a whole another set of ideas, and perceive everything in life from more than one angle. … Continue reading "20 Things Only Bilinguals Will Understand." Leer más
It fascinates me how much we know about our languages and that we don’t know we know. Nobody taught us anything as babies and yet we could navigate, quite easily and effortlessly, our way inside the linguistic maze we were thrown into. The amount of rules you should know to speak a certain language is … Continue reading "F***ing Insertion is Systematic, And This Is How It Works." Leer más
It’s guaranteed that you have or will run into some of these Latin terms in anything including the lightest reading. That’s because they’re everywhere. In newspapers, textbooks, manuals, et cetera. They are used in, inter alia, academic writing, text messaging, and, quite extensively, law documents. So, they are, ipso facto, very important to know. Ergo, … Continue reading "77 Common Latin Words and Phrases Used in English That You Should Know." Leer más
Every once in a while, a meme trend sweeps the internet and suddenly everyone is fanatically sharing it to the point of getting fed up with seeing it in every two or three scrolls. The new trend lately has been a dad joke template involving Captain America. It might not be the meme we need, … Continue reading "People Are Making Puns Using This Perfect Template and It’s Hilarious (31 Jokes)." Leer más
We give names to things around us almost all the time in a way that is totally random. The word cat, for instance, has no clue in itself that can help us guess what it refers to. But what if we took the task of naming things in such a way that you could guess almost … Continue reading "This Twitter Account Is Renaming Everyday Objects And They’re More Accurate Than The Real Ones." Leer más