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Punctuation in writing is crucial. It’s the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse. Knowing where a comma or an apostrophe go in a sentence can make a great difference. There is nothing more hilarious and embarrassing sometimes than a misplaced punctuation mark and the … Continue reading "30 Times People Misused Quotation Marks And Made It Suspiciously Weird."

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Typing was a lot of fun before autocorrect came along. People used to type stuff and they had nothing to help them spell words. But even with autocorrect in town, people still make spelling mistakes, and not just any spelling mistakes; mistakes that make you wonder how could anyone get that word wrong. Language is … Continue reading "37 People Who Used Incorrect But Similar-Sounding Words, And The Results Are Hilarious."

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It’s hard to make humor without language. You gotta be exceptionally talented to make people laugh let alone doing that without the use of words. There is a particular kind of humor that appeals to people like you and me, and that’s the one that involves language and wordplay, aka puns. Puns come in different … Continue reading "40 Times People Saw Hilarious Puns And Just Had To Share Them."

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When we use language we don’t often notice what some words mean if taken literally, but when you actually pause for a second and think about what some expressions literally mean, you’d be surprised how you didn’t notice that before. The words that we use every day are so full of joy and wonder and … Continue reading "20 Clever And Funny Illustrations Showing The Literal Meanings Of Idioms." Leer más

We have pretty clear ideas about the most popular language in each country but we might not be so knowledgeable about what other popular languages are spoken in a certain country. This might be very useful when traveling somewhere and you don’t speak the first language. You might speak their second popular language. The map … Continue reading "Map Shows Second Most Popular Language in Every Country"

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