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What makes languages so amazingly different is that they use different words to describe the same things. When you speak more than one language, you realize that words mean different things in different languages. Sometimes an innocent word in a language can sound really rude in another, and that’s where the real fun is. All … Continue reading "24 Non-English Words That Sound Dirty But Are Actually Innocent." Leer más
Words carry a certain social weight to them and that’s what dictionaries try to hide from us. Dictionaries give us literal meanings, dry most often, but can’t capture the different ways people use words and what they intend when they use them in different contexts. HipDict is an Instagram account that humorously redefines words and … Continue reading "If Dictionaries Were Honest. 52 Words Redefined." Leer más
Puns are an important element in the humor ecosystem. Most of them are just so punny. For most of us punsters out there, we hunt puns because they appeal to our nerdy brains and sense of humor. Combine puns with creativity and you’ve got something really hilarious. Nabhan Abdullatif is a professional Oman-based graphic designer … Continue reading "Artist Turns Everyday Sayings Into Clever Pun Illustrations." Leer más
A while back, we published a map that shows the literal meaning of every country’s name and it was very informative and thought-provoking, and it stirred a lot of meaningful discussions. Today, we brought to you another map that is equally interesting. This map shows the meanings of the most famous cities around the world … Continue reading "Extraordinary Map Shows the Literal Meanings of City Names." Leer más
Teo Zirinis, the guy behind Handsoffmydinosaur, is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Athens. Teo has a passion for simple things and tries to find happiness in them. The way he looks at everyday objects and words led him to come up with clever puns in which he plays with words and tweaks them … Continue reading "Artist Draws a Series Of Silly Puns And Their Matching Opposites." Leer más
Silliness is is a comic strip that illustrates short jokes and puns in a funny and amusing way. The jokes they work with are often short and witty and require a tiny bit of wit to fully understand. We did our best to compile their best ones and we hope you enjoy them. Please share … Continue reading "Funny and clever illustrations of jokes and puns that will make your day." Leer más
Malaysian designer and illustrator Lim Heng Swee creates stuff to make people smile. For his latest project, he created a series of animal puns to show that being sad is part of the ebb and flow of life and that it is OK to be sad sometimes. “positive energy is overrated, sometimes we need to … Continue reading "25 Moody Animal Puns To Remind You That It’s OK To Be Sad." Leer más
What if other EU countries decided to leave the Union, would they have catchier names to designate their campaign? Internet punsters were quick to respond to this question and they came up with silly and very punny names should other EU countries decide to leave. Browse through them and let us know if they sound … Continue reading "Here is What Brexit Would Be Called If Other EU Members Decided To Leave." Leer más
Often people who curse a lot are accused of being dumb, less intelligent, and lack more appropriate words to express themselves. Science has just flipped this assumption. A recent study has found that people who have a repertoire of curse words at their disposal might very well be intelligent and have a richer and more … Continue reading "Study: People Who Curse a Lot Are Smarter and Have a Better Vocabulary Than Those Who Don’t." Leer más
Great news for the lovers of words and the sounds of language. Planet Word, a museum dedicated to languages and words in Washington D.C. has announced that it will open May 31, 2020. The museum will feature 11 immersive galleries that will showcase and explore language in interesting and entertaining ways. Planet Word was designed with … Continue reading "A museum dedicated entirely to words and language to open in Washington D.C." Leer más