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The Language Nerds is a place that was furnished to the best comfort of language enthusiasts. We strive to keep people with a passion for language entertained and informed. We strive as much to bring together people from different parts of the world and from different walks of life so they can share their language knowledge with the rest of the community. 
We at The Language Nerds, or the Nerds for short, are people who are passionate about topics in linguistics and language teaching. 

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Words have clear boundaries, when written we know when a word ends and and when the other starts by placing little spaces between words. But when they mush together, especially in spoken writing, we rely entirely on our intuition and context to figure out the boundaries between words. I scream and Ice cream will sound …

Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names. Read More »

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As of today, the world has 7111 languages according to Ethnologue. A staggering third of these languages are endangered and only spoken by very few people, 1000 speakers at best. what’s even more serious is that more than 50% of the world’s population is covered by 23 major languages. Languages appeared about 100.000 years ago and have been evolving …

The 10 Oldest Languages That Are Still Spoken Today. Read More »

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Dad and photoshop master Tom Curtis documents kids’ drawings in a very creative way by turning them into real-life versions. Tom started with his own children’s drawings (Dom and Al), he later created an Instagram account called Things I Have Drawn where he shared these kinds of drawings. The account quickly gained publicity and now …

Artist Turns Kid’s Drawings Into Reality And The Results Are Hilariously Creepy. Read More »

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We all wished we were named something fancy when we were growing up, something more exotic maybe. Let me just tell you that your name is fine, really. Seeing the names on this list will make you count your blessings that you don’t have something similar. So, here are some of the most dirty-sounding names …

20 Funny Names That Are Accidentally Dirty. Read More »

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If you’re a language nerd,  you probably find great joy in word etymology. That’s because it’s fun! It’s always a joy to track the etymology of words. You can never know what you will find. Some words have pretty much alright etymologies. Other words, however, stun us with their completely unexpected etymologies. The Language Nerds did a …

Words with the weirdest and most unexpected etymologies. Read More »

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Scientific papers are often interesting, but they are rarely funny. It’s hard to make humor without language. You gotta be exceptionally talented to make people laugh let alone doing that without the use of words. There is a particular kind of humor that appeals to people like you and me, and that’s the one that …

22 Paper Titles From Scientists With A Sense Of Humor. Read More »

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It’s hysterical when people incorrectly assume the origins of words. What’s even more hysterical is when the made-up origins align with people’s wrong assumptions. Sometimes people manipulate words and make adjustments to them so they fit their assumptions. Wait until you read about the etymology of words such as person, man, woman, which some people …

Feminist Accuses English Language Of Being Sexist, Gets Brilliantly Schooled By Linguist  Read More »

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Most often than not, we feel the urge to make our language as blunt as possible so it falls just the way we want it on the ears of the person we are addressing. We want our message not just to be undersatood, but also carries all the emotions of the given context without the …

30 Blunt Insults Translated into Into Professional Language. Read More »

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We always strive to make our emails sound polite and respectable. Putting together a well-written and polite-sounding email is a skill and an art recquired in today’s workplace. Knowing how to use polite email terms to sugercoat your underlying frustration is a whole different set of skills. So, if you have missed a deadline or …

30 Translations From Blunt Insults And Angry Emails Into Professional Language, Shared By This TikToker. Read More »

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This map shows the most recurring word on each country’s English wikipedia page. The results are very interesting to say the least. The map was posted on Reddit and was created by Reddit user Amiantedeluxe. Please not that the map excludes linking words such as ‘the’, ‘country’, ‘government’ and demonyms. (Full resultion picture below) The USA’s most …

These Are The Words That Appear The Most On Every Country’s Wikipedia Page. Read More »

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