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Food connections

Publicado en Language on the Move el 30/07/2022

Figure 1: Notice at village turn back point (Weibo screenshot)

There has been ongoing international debate over China’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet the specific language and semiotic resources used in China to enforce local...

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Editor’s note: Multilingualism researchers and the products of their research can be surprisingly monolingual. It is therefore good to see the black box of multilingual research processes under the microscope in a new book devoted to the The Politics of Researching Multilingually. In this post we hear from the editors.


Judith Reynolds, Sara Ganassin and Prue Holmes



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In memoriam Hans Sauer

Publicado en Language on the Move el 05/06/2022

I am deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of my Doktorvater, Professor Hans Sauer. The German “Doktorvater” is usually translated as “PhD supervisor/advisor” but the literal translation “doctoral father” is more...

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Image credit: NPR

Parents, grandparents and caregivers of primary school children in Sydney, Australia, who speak a language other than English are invited to take part in a survey on school-family communication.

The research focuses...

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This post has been authored by Gerald Roche and Claire French


Adéṣínà Ayẹni [@yobamoodua] to Gerald Roche [@GJosephRoche] (2 Feb 2022): I will surely love to be a part of the global day. But one question, can I contribute in my language in place of English?

Gerald: My heart sank as I read this message on Twitter. I’d been messaging people all day, promoting Global Language Advocacy Day (GLAD22), the first ever global event dedicated to raising awareness about language rights. I was really proud to be part of this event, but reading this message suddenly filled me with doubt...

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Applied linguistics is the study of language-based problems in the world, or as Brumfit (1997) puts it, “the theoretical and empirical investigation of real-world problems in which language is a central issue” (p. 93). These language-based issues include language teaching and learning, workplace communication, media discourse, translation, language policy and planning, and language...

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